Devine benefits and rewards

At Devine, we acknowledge the importance of our people and aim to provide appropriate benefits and rewards to recognise their contribution and good performance.  We believe in providing our staff with access to those little things that make a big difference. Here are some of the financial and non-financial benefits and rewards that are available to our team:
Devine product discounts
Providing staff with the opportunity to purchase Devine products is an important part of our strategy to attract and retain a highly committed and skilled workforce and to encourage staff to purchase Devine product or support Devine's suppliers. A staff purchasing discount on Devine's housing, land and apartment product is available to staff members and their immediate family members. Staff will also have the opportunity to purchase materials and appliances from the company's designated suppliers at rates that are available to Devine. Discounts from our corporate banking and travel providers are also available.
Paid parental leave
We are proud to provide a working environment that supports a family friendly and flexible workplace which is supported by our paid parental leave scheme for both male and female staff members. In addition to existing statutory rights, the scheme provides a 'top up' payment for eighteen weeks' leave for new parents who have at least one year of service with Devine.
Novated leases
A novated lease is where the rights and obligations of a finance lease taken out by you is novated to your employer. A novated lease therefore adopts the usual principles of a standard finance lease with the addition that by novating the lease to you, a proportion of the costs associated with the finance lease can be paid from pre-tax earnings. As a result, Devine's staff are able to finance the purchase of their new cars, saving considerable expenses through packaging all of their car requirements.
Training, development and education
Devine supports the continued training, development and education of its staff. As well as providing opportunistic on-the-job training, we also provide internal training opportunities and support staff with continued external training and education. This supports includes financial, internal mentoring and paid study leave.
Health and well-being
We believe that happy and healthy staff are productive staff. In keeping with this, Devine offers annual flu vaccinations to all staff, each office is provided with fruit on a weekly basis, and further we sponsor and support corporate sporting events and challenges our employees undertake.
Devine Cares day
At Devine we believe it is important that we partner with the communities in which we operate, live and work. To support this one step further, staff are provided with one day's paid leave to volunteer their skills and resources with their chosen charity. For Devine to be successful, the community needs to be successful and each one of us can contribute to that success.